What’s Going On With My Itchy Dog?

Is your dog’s licking and scratching causing you to cringe when he/she starts up as you try to watch TV? Are you to losing sleep to the thump, thump, thump of scratching or slurp, slurp of licking? Do you feel sorry for your dog when you see people looking at hairless patches, rashes, or bumps that have turned your beloved pal into a patchy pooch?

Which “Cure” Do I Pick?

If your pet suffers from a skin issue one of the most common is skin disease due to allergies, or “atopic dermatitis” which can be mild at first with symptoms gradually worsening over time; they can also appear seasonally or year-round and can include:

  • • Rashes (may be recurring)
  • • Hairless Patches • Sneezing • Watery Eyes
  • • Ear Infections (may also be recurring)

If your pet has shown these signs you’ve probably tried a variety of treatments to help your buddy feel better. It’s difficult to know where to start when you see everything from “anti-itch” food offered in your local pet store and home remedies like adding cooking oil to your dog’s shampoo when you search the internet.

Is There Hope?

The best and quickest way to find treatment is to consult with a veterinarian and the team at Arvada West is prepared to help. A wide variety of things can cause chronic skin disease. And, all the scratching, itching, and licking can cause skin to become infected making your pet even more uncomfortable. We have treated both the disease and it’s result for pets in our care and relief (for both you and your pet) is our goal!

How Long Will It Take to Help My Dog?

One of the exciting products we’re using at Arvada West is a new monthly injection, CADI https://www.zoetisus.com/products/dogs/il-31/index.aspx?gclid=CNapveflxNACFYM6g that can help stop the “itch” signal being sent by your dog’s brain; it can work as quickly as within one day. Without the signal to scratch, your pet’s skin can heal; the Arvada West veterinarians might recommend an antibiotic to help clear any infection or a steroid, topical spray, medicated shampoos, or topical cream to provide added relief. Get Relief Now! Book an appointment today by calling or texting 303-467-0345 or through our website at www.awvh.com. We’ll get your pet on the road to an itch/scratch free future!