Many of us dread listening to the summer weather forecast, fearing that thunderstorms are predicted for the afternoon.

The Fourth of July brings its own scary noises that seem to last for hours.  Days preceding and following the holiday hold their own racket.  Worrying about that possible storm, we may cancel plans to go out that afternoon or evening or in the case of the Fourth, forego that holiday party.

You’re not alone.  Studies have shown that at least one-third of pet owners report their dogs suffer from noise-aversion, an umbrella term under which we find thunder-  and fireworks phobia.

Most owners know steps that can be taken to try to ease their dogs’ fears. Giving your dog a safe place to go to ~ a darkened bathroom, closet or basement may help him or her feel safer. Redirecting your dog’s focus like playing games or teaching new tricks with high-value treats is sometimes helpful.  Other remedies sometimes beneficial can include a tight-fitting garment such as a Thundershirt or Storm Defender Cape.  Unfortunately, these measures are often unsuccessful.

But now Sileo, a simple easy-to-administer syringe of medication indicated for the treatment of canine noise-aversion can be the answer and can be administered right at home.

If a storm is coming, fireworks are planned after dark, or you know a noisy event is on the way you can use a pre-filled syringe to give a bit of this gel to your dog between his or her cheek and gums. It’s easy! Watch the video, then give us a call!