Is My Pet In Pain?

Whether or not your pet is in pain can sometimes be difficult to determine.  Acute pain, such as pain from a bite, injury, or any sudden occurrence has fairly obvious signs – whimpering, a visible wound, etc.  Chronic pain, or pain that is long-term, doesn’t always give these easily seen signs.  Follow this link to a listing of potential signs of pain in your dog or cat (determined by the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management).

The good news is that if your pet seems to have chronic pain there are more medications and other pain-relieving treatments (LASER therapy, acupuncture) to make your pet feel better than ever before.  Dr. Colleen Mathews, a certified acupuncturist, can assess your pet and even place a few needles to show how this treatment works and see how well your pet may tolerate acupuncture.  We’ve had some great success with LASER treatments as well.  Pets who haven’t responded to medication have shown improvement after a single treatment prescribed by our veterinarians and administered by our LASER treatment certified technicians.

Some pets respond immediately; some take a little longer no matter which method is used.  Relief of pain can bring back the pet you used to the know, increasing quality of life for your much-loved companion!