Pet Dentistry

When your pet comes in for his/her dental procedure, we initially chart the grade of the tartar in your pet’s mouth. Next, we account for all of the teeth that are present and/or missing. We then scale the teeth to remove plaque and probe the gum line to find deep pockets and gum recession. If we suspect that something is going on with the tooth or suspect bone loss, we take dental x-rays to determine what the underlying problem may be. If it is necessary, we will extract teeth associated with the problem. Depending on the condition of the tooth, we may bond and seal the tooth after it has been repaired. At the end of the procedure, we polish the teeth just as a dentist polishes our teeth to help protect them from any bacteria or infection from the scaling (cleaning) of the teeth.

A complimentary sampling of home care products is provided to take home when you pick your pet up after the dental procedure. Our team members are happy to demonstrate brushing techniques or offer product suggestions to help keep your pet’s teeth in excellent shape between cleanings.

Dental Digital X-Rays

Dental Cleaning Video

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