Pet Microchipping

Microchipping your furry best friend is important. The reason why we recommend microchipping is to ensure that your pets return home safely to you when they are lost. Most veterinary clinics and ALL shelters have universal scanners that can scan a “lost” pet.  The scanner will provide the office (clinic/shelter) a personal microchip number with the manufacturer and phone number so that we may contact them.  Once that information has been obtained, they will provide your contact information, and we can call you with the great news that we’ve found your lost pet.  You may also transfer ownership of a pet and update contact information at any time.

Placing a microchip in your pet is quite simple.  The microchip is implanted under your pet’s skin by a needle with the microchip inside. The microchip is roughly the size of a grain of rice.  This process can be done on an office visit, and no sedation is required.   Our staff will register your pet’s information at Then, you will receive a confirmation email, and you can choose to add more information if you wish.  We use Datamars microchip. The Datamars microchip is registered at

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