Pet Radiology

General X-Rays

We do radiographs or an x-ray to ensure proper diagnosis and to rule out any possibilities of disease, foreign body obstruction, growths on organs and/or fractures as well as tissue swelling.   This is an excellent diagnostic tool to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment for what ever may be ailing your pet.

Because of technological advances, AVWH is capable of performing digital radiographs. Because of the ease of use that digital x-rays allow, it is beneficial to our patient, clients and the veterinarian who may need to see the radiographs. The ease of use is due to our technicians being able to simply insert a digital cassette into the developer and simply down load it to the patient file versus the “old” fashion way of dipping each film into chemicals and only waiting for them to develop.   ; The time spent on developing x-rays can be stressful for the patient while they have to remain still to ensure we have the proper technique and that the film is developed properly.   ; While using digital x-ray, it is more efficient and takes far less time to develop as well as adjust and/or manipulate the exposure as needed. We are able to email images or directly burn them to a CD so that the owner may have a copy or we can send them to a radiologist or specialist for a second opinion.


Echocardiography is an ultrasound of the heart, and we may call in a cardiologist to perform this procedure, depending on your pet’s needs. We can perform an “ECG,” also known as “EKG,” which measures the electrical currents of the heartbeat.   This test is performed by applying one electrode to each of your pet’s auxiliary areas, and then the machine will print out the rhythm of your pet’s heartbeats.  This test may or may not indicate if a cardiologist would be called in or consulted with to do further diagnostics.


A board-certified radiologist performs ultrasounds.   Ultrasounds are a diagnostic tool to look at your pet’s organs internally and to see how they are functioning.   They may also be used to determine if there is a tumor present that would not be capable of being seen by an x-ray. If your pet is in need of an ultrasound, we will schedule a radiologist to perform this procedure at AWVH.   any whereThe procedures anywhere from a pregnancy ultrasound to an abdominal ultrasound or even an ultrasound guided biopsy to diagnose a tumor. Depending on your pet’s case, the procedure performed will be determined by the veterinarian.

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