Arvada West Veterinary Hospital has an extensive pharmacy on-site. This makes treating your pet quicker and easier, which allows us to send the medication home and treatment can start right away. If you order through an online pharmacy, it can take days before you receive the medication and time is usually of the essence.

It is very important to purchase your pet’s medication from a licensed veterinarian for several reasons:

• Ensure your pet receives the correct medication and dosage
• Has no drug interactions if taking other medications unknown by the online pharmacy
• Guaranteed by the manufacturer
• Receive “in-date” medication versus expired medications
• Medications have been stored at the proper temperature

Please read for further information before choosing and ordering from online pharmacies:

If you purchase medication from AWVH or through our online store, we will ensure the following:

• Manufacturer guarantee
• No expired product
• Prescriptions checked and verified by our doctors and certified veterinary technicians
• Quick and convenient service right to your door step

The team at Arvada West Veterinary Hospital is here for you and your pet. Getting a refill is easy! Fill out the form below and a member of our team will get in contact with you shortly!

Please use the form below to request your prescription refill or food item for pick-up at AWVH. (This is not our online store for home delivery.) You may use this form to refill Heartguard, Simparica, or other items. This will save you time when picking up your order. Please allow 24 hours for order processing and wait to come to the hospital. Note: Some prescriptions will require an examination of your pet prior to re-filling. Many prescriptions require your pet to be examined before dispensing. This ensures that your pet is healthy enough to handle the potential side effects of some prescriptions and provides further confirmation that the medication is appropriate for your pet’s current condition. IMPORTANT: Prescription Refills and Food Orders are not confirmed until you have received notification. A staff member will contact you by phone or email.
Please include dosage/size/strength & AMOUNT.
A $5 shipping charge applied for mailing prescriptions. A a staff member will contact you by the method your choose below (phone, e-mail, or text). Payment must be received before shipping.

Order directly from our online store.

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