Rescue Groups

Rescuing an animal is an excellent choice for some families.  Animals find their way into rescue agencies for a variety of reasons. Some may have been accidentally lost or abandoned. Others may have been given up due to their owners’ illness, death, or other change in circumstance. You may not be able to learn the history of the animal you adopt, but you will still bring home a beautiful companion–one who is grateful to you for giving him a second chance to know love and happiness.

All rescue groups carefully screen the animals in their care for health and temperament before offering them for adoption. The animals are often already housebroken and know some basic obedience.  Rescue agencies give sanctuary for animals in need and provide animal veterinary care, spay/neuter, shots, high-quality food, a temporary foster home not a kennel, love, and placement into a home for life under a contract that dictates their compassionate care.

Arvada West Veterinary Hospital has established relationships with multiple rescue groups along the Front Range. We provide veterinary services that may include exams, vaccines, blood work, spays or neuters, dentals, and/or growth removals while working with each group to help ensure stable health before and after the adoption.

We’re working hard to help animals in Colorado find loving forever homes. Please join us!

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies

Dedicated to the rescue, placement, and public awareness to ensure that Golden Retrievers are adopted by people able to provide a safe, loving home.

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue - Colorado

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue’s all-volunteer supporters make it possible to rescue and care for some wonderful abandoned Labrador Retrievers who others turn away or may not have the resources to help.